Commercial and Industrial Services

We perform all types of commercial and industrial lighting work from replacing a light globe to the complete rewiring and installation of lighting both inside and outside of your business premises. We can provide a wide range of lighting solutions.

Power Points
If you have power cords running across your floors in the office or double adaptors plugging into each other, this is not only dangerous but also unsightly. We can make your office safe and orderly by adding extra data points, or making a single power point into a double. We supply and install a wide range of Australian standard approved power points.

Smoke Alarms
Smoke Alarms can save lives and help protect your possessions and property. We can provide a safe installation of your new smoke detection system as well as advice on the best placement in your premises to install smoke detectors for the safety of you and your staff.


We can install the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your premises has the best security, from alarms and cameras to CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). When the alarm is set off it goes back to a central monitoring system which immediately notifies the police. The cameras and CCTV will help to capture the offenders day and/or night.

If you are seeking to add or replace an existing switchboard on your premises then we can most definitely do this for you – the correct way. And, to make the transition a smooth one without any interruptions to your daily business activities, we can come in before or after work hours.

General Servicing
We can look after all of your maintenance and general servicing requirements, from responding quickly to any electrical emergency you may have to finishing that odd electrical job which keeps appearing on your to-do list. We are reliable and responsive – our clients recommend us because of our great service!

Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances
We can easily and safely install any of your new kitchen or bathroom appliances and disconnect your old appliances – completely hassle free.

We can also install ceiling fans and exhaust fans. Ceiling fans are an energy efficient way of managing your home comfort needs. Ceiling fans are not only very economical to run compared to air conditioning but they can also help your air conditioning and heaters by assisting air movement through keeping the air in constant motion.

Plasma/LCD/TV Points
If you would like to wall mount your flat-screen and/or have a power point and aerial connected behind the TV so that you cannot see any cables, then give us a call today on 1800 359 602. We can help with all of your electrical installation requirements.

Would you like to turn your equipment on or off remotely or adjust the settings at pre-determined times? If your business closes down for holidays at various times throughout the year, you can still provide that feeling of the premises being occupied by setting certain lights on timers without you actually having to be there to do it.  We can install automation systems to not only make your life easier, but also to improve security.

Data and Communications
Our highly skilled team can install for you a quality data and communications network cabling system. We can provide a wide range of data, voice and communications solutions.

Fast, Same Day Service! We fix it right the first time or it’s free. To get started now, call us at 1800-359-602 or book online now.

"Thanks so much Hills Electrical Services. You did a great job installing our computer cabling - we no longer have cables running all throughout the house! You turned up on time and left our place clean and tidy. We highly recommend you."

Jenny, Castle Hill